Methodological and Structural Assistance and Capacity Building to Improve Interventions Promoting General Mental Health

Project title: Methodological and Structural Assistance and Capacity Building to Improve Interventions Promoting General Mental Health

Project owner: Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO)

Implementation site: Budapest

Total subsidy: 1.187.392.311 HUF

Grant rate: 100 %

Date of the launch: 22th April 2016


This project seeks to achieve 5 objectives:

  1. Setting up a Methodological Support Centre (MC),
  2. Profile extension of 6 Health Promotion Centres (HPC) with mental health care functions – pilot component,
  3. Pilot analysis of activities pertaining  to objectives 1 and 2,
  4. Implementation of methodological development and elaboration of functional models to spread nation-wide,
  5. Setting up „health in all policies” cross-sectoral working groups.

The MC and its network of external experts will be responsible for providing methodological support to the profile extension of 6 HPCs including methodological textbooks, protocols, research surveys and education materials.  These centres, hence, will be capable of further operating as comprehensive Mental Health Centres (MHC). The functional MHCs will uphold the value of preservation of mental health, and promote this approach all across the board. Those in need of mental support will be given customised and evidence-based professional assistance in the form of mutual cooperation.

The MHC activities will be targeted at local user groups to be familiarised with ways of achieving, restoring and preserving mental health as well as to be able to recognise the symptoms of mental diseases, to learn giving priority to prevention and asking for professional assistance on time.

Main activities of the pilot component:

  • 6 HPCs/MHCs will carry out a mapping exercise of local health services capacity relevant to mental health in their respective vicinities, including a network map. Collected data will used by the MC for database management.
  • HPCs/MHCs will identify local good practices, which will be analysed and further used for the development of protocols. In addition, the MC will compile good practices to set up a reference toolkit thereof.
  • After to the local capacity mapping, the HPCs/MHCs will commence system analysis, looking for synergies, networking and organising education modules.
  • MHCs where relevant, will scrutinise the compliance of customised curative-preventive mental health services with the general local system of health services.
  • MHC workers will participate in all relevant health promotion activities and organising information events, ensuring comprehensive implementation of existing mental health programmes.

Prior to the closure of project a detailed pilot analysis will be made to introduce and summerise the extended operation of the MHCs.

Based on the pilot results, a comprehensive methodology will be developed, which will facilitate the standardisation of delivering high quality and efficient mental health services in the one hand, and will guarantee the unified structure of the extended mental health services portfolio of MHCs.

Under the aegis of „health in all policies”, 10 thematic cross-sectoral working groups will operate parallel to the duration of project in the following areas: education, social services sector, youth and family protection, social inclusion, health care, environment, media and communication, legal and economic affairs, senior citizens. The working groups will formulate policy recommendations in their respective scope of area, which will have to include specific recommendations for intervention, or if needed, restructuring and re-organisation of financing. Recommendations will have to serve the objective of upholding mental health and preservation of mental health.

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