The Public Health Initiatives in general

The Norwegian and EEA Funds are two separate financial mechanisms, which have been set up by donor countries, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. While the EEA Fund is jointly financed by all three countries, the Norwegian Fund is financed by Norway alone. All three countries are members of the European Economic Area (EEA), but not members of the EU. Hence, they do not provide financial contribution to the implementation of EU common policies, but give assistance to reduce inequalities and disparities among EEA members under the aegis of solidarity.

Declared objective of the 2009-2014 programming cycle of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism is to contribute to the reduction of economic and social inequalities within the beneficiary countries as well as to strengthen their relations with Norway.

Supported programme areas are innovation in green industry, decent jobs and tripartite dialogue, bilateral cooperation in research, capacity building and interinstitutional cooperation, public health.

Objective of the HU12 Public Health Initiatives programme is to improve domestic public health and, similarly, to reduce health inequalities between target user groups. This involves the improvement of access to and quality of health care services including reproductive and preventive child care as well as prevention and reduction of diseases stemming from lifestyle.

Due to the suspension of intergovernmental talks at the end of 2014, the original public health programme was abandoned. In September of 2015, however, talks resumed and the re-planning by experts began, which led to the extension of implementation deadline by a year to 31st April 2017 as agreed by the donor partner.

With regard to the relatively short deadline, the amended Programme Agreement effective since 29th April 2016 identifies two predefined projects within the framework of HU12 Public Health Initiatives, which are:

  • PDP1: Improving Labour Conditions of Health Care Visitor Nurses Working in Roma Communities (Project owner: Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO); Total subsidy: 794.648.900 HUF),
  • PDP2: Methodological and Structural Assistance and Capacity Building to Improve Interventions Promoting General Mental Health (Project owner: Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO); Total subsidy: 1.187.392.311 HUF).