Second Meeting of the Roma Conciliation Body (RCB)

In the framework of the project titled ”Improving Labour Conditions of Health Care Visitor Nurses Working in Roma Communities” the 2nd meeting of the Roma Conciliation Body (RCB) took place 21st February, 2017, in Nyíregyháza, Hungary.

Following the observations and recommendations of the first RCB meeting, the 2nd RCB meeting discussed major content elements of the policy recommendation the RCB is obliged to compile.  According to plans, the policy recommendations will map up those areas of the health care visitor nurses’ work and labour conditions, which are especially affected by and related to the needs and living conditions of the Roma population. Based on these findings policy recommendations will be formulated for high level policy decision-makers in order to improve results and efficiency of health care visitor nurses’ work and activities.

Gabriella Pál participated at the event on behalf of the PO.