E-health Conference in Prague

Within the framework of Public Health Initiatives programme area of the Norwegian Financial mechanism 2009-2014, the Czech Ministry for Health organised a one-day conference in Prague for 8th December 2016.

The conference reviewed the Czech e-health model, its current status and the challenges ahead. Having identified top priorities and points of intervention, participants engaged in an open discussion on the difficulties of introducing an e-health scheme and pertaining problems to be solved, among which they mentioned the creating of institutional network and the connecting of individual intitutions to such a network. The donor partner considers e-health a topic of high priority and encourages beneficiary countries to introduce e-health in their respective national health care regimes. Key-note speakers from denmark and Norway gave presentations on the advantages of e-health solutions and telemedicine, accompanied by illustration of specific results.

The Hungarian Programme Operator was represented by Zsombor Divinyi, who used this opportunity to review bilateral cooperation in details with the donor partner on the side of the conference. He also held separate talks with the representatives of the Czech Ministry for Economy, the national Programme Operator.

As the result of the conference, Estonia agreed to be involved with its know-how and experiences on how to introduce and operate a functional e-health model in Hungary, which will be first dicussed in a meeting by the two countries in the first half of 2017.