Health Club Activities in Farkaslyuk

As one of the elements of the project titled ”Improving Labour Conditions of Health Care Visitor Nurses Working in Roma Communities” a pilot programme has been launched at Farkaslyuk- a pre-selected settlement in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County (North of Hungary). By the participation of the local health care visitor nurse, and involvement of various other health experts community programmes are organised in a club format for people living under disadvantaged conditions, heavily for Roma families, with the aim to raising and strengthening health awareness and providing lifestyle counselling.

The health club was initiated to provide a series of interactive programmes, which ideally can serve and be used as a model for other villages and settlements, and in the implementation of which, members of the local (Roma) community are also actively involved besides the participating experts.

Health club activities have been organised with monthly regularity, all together by 6 occasions, with the following topics: proper personal hygiene & hygiene of the surrounding and living environment; mental health; positive effects of doing physical exercises; preparing/cooking healthy food; how to avoid children’s accidents; effects of addiction (disease) on the family environment.

Closing event took place 26th January, 2017, where the Norwegian donor partner was represented by prof. Andrej Grjibovski, and Gabriella Pál and Ferenc Weigl participated on behalf of the PO.