Programme Operators’ meeting in Bucharest

Operators of the Public Health Initiatives programme area from all over Europe meet biannually. The second meeting in 2016 was hosted by Romania from 23rd to 25th November, where the Hungarian Programme Operator NHCSC was represented by Mmes. Fruzsina Hedvig Maráczi and Gabriella Pál.

At the event the FMO briefed partners about the priorities of the forthcoming programming cycle in addition to the immediate tasks ahead in connection with the final closure of the 2009-2014 period. A Donor Programme Partner expert delivered a detailed overview of the practicalities to prepare the evaluation and impact assessment of the individual programme areas. Public Health Initiatives programme operators summarised their experiences and lessons learnt regarding the implementation of the initiative in their respective home countries, as well as gave status updates on the implementation itself. Concluding the conference, the host partner Romania introduced its most successful public health projects and wrapped up the event by outlining their future health care development plans.